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Quinta da Azenha "Farm and Village Tourism" is in the heart of the Douro Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage since 2001. The building goes back to the 16th century and spending the night in this Quinta means traveling in time. The house was built with the typical materials of the region, schist and granite. Strategically placed on the top of terraces, you can enjoy a magnificient view of the Douro river - a place where the fresh vineuards imbue you with a feeling of peace and health.

Quinta da Azenha has approximately 20.000 m2 of farming land with 8.300 grapevines, 120 olive trees, 10 fig trees and about 25 citrus trees. The enterprising businessman Damião Paiva, together with his wife Luísa and their son Ruben, carry out this fabulous "Farm and Village Tourism" project, which should also be considered as being "Family tourism", since every visitor receives a personalized service.
At the Quinta you can delight yourself with the varied gastronomy of the region. The baked cabrito (in the traditional wood-fired oven), the Arroz de Cabidela (rice with the blood of chickens raised in the Quinta), the ham, the endless variety of sausages and cheese or the delicious desserts are just some of the unforgettable threats. You can also enjoy the best wines "Vértice" to the 1920 Port wine "Nioport", and of course the table wines produced in Quinta da Azenha.

With the river Douro at your feet, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic landscape of the region, which you can enjoy, for example, by using the steam train to the towns Tua and Mirandela. You can also visit the ancient rock engravings in Vila Nova de Foz Coa, the castle of Penedono, the sanctuary of Senhora da Lapa near Sernancelhe, the terrace and chapel of São Salvador do Mundo, the historic centre of Lamego, the fortified bridge in Ucanha, the monastery in Salzedas, the monastery in São João de Tarouca, the Mateus Palace and the Serapion (roman cemetery) in Vila Real.

Location: Quinta da Azenha is in the beautifull village of Folgosa do Douro, in the county of Armamar, district ov Viseu, between Peso da Régua and Pinhão.

It´s a village with a long history. It has belonged to Barcos, in the county of Tabuaço, but since 24th October 1855 it is part of the county of Armamar.
Folgosa do Douro is a very old village as it received its charter in 1188 from King D. Sancho I and Queen D. Dulce.